Name Company: WebMaazix Solutions Private Limited

Name Founder: Rakhi Bharadwa

Office Locations: Delhi, Ontario, Dubai, New York

Branch: App developing

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Q & A:

Can you give a short introduction about yourself, your daily tasks, how WebMaazix has been founded, and the worldwide WebMaazix organization.
“We are a team of 80+ experts based out in New Delhi, India, with more than 7 years of experience in website designing and development and currently we are serving around 500+ clients in different geographical locations which includes US, UK, Australia, Germany, UAE, India and many more. We are a company with specializations in Android and iOS Apps, Magento, WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, Core PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Zend.

We at WebMazix aren’t an ordinary software service/product provider, we are among those who understands the client, their users, his business model and then help them build their dream around the technological marvel, that we are building for them using our expertise in Mobile App/Website/custom software development skills.”

Can you please tell something the App market. What are the mobile trends you currently see? Number of request, specific regions? Etc.
“The App market is here to stay for a long time, now. Until the platforms like Android and IOS change completely, this trend with go upwards, only. Soon, everything would be available in app version since the number of mobile internet users are now more than number of desktop internet user (refer the image and link).

What is role that Webmaazix plays (can play) for those early stage Founders who like to develop an App? How does your action plan looks like from idea till the app is finalized? How do you support the Client in this process?

“We at WebMaazix ensures that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our client from the beginning of the discussion about the App and its basic goal, till achieving that goal many other goals that the client might have missed in his initial scheme plan. We provide additional consultation and constructive criticism to ensure that their upcoming App is up-to-date with the present time and their expectations. We begin with designing, following by coding, debugging and finally, helping the client Go-Live.

What are the advantages to do it via Webmaazix (Price, Quality, Supportive to clients worldwide presence, short delivery time, specialties etc.?)
“The biggest advantage that our clients take is the advantage of our long and vivid experience and understanding in this field of work, especially developing Mobile Apps in multiple languages and for clients of various distinct nationalities like Dubai, USA, Australia, South Africa, India, UK etc.

We cannot commit a short delivery time since we make client’s product as scalable and efficient as we can, hence we can commit an optimum delivery time, for sure.

We have some big players trusting us for our Quality and Support system, likes of Superbrands, Al-audah Group of Companies ltd., Al-Salaam Group of Hospitals, Saudi Arabia, Den Networks, India, Amity University etc.”

Can you give an overview of the worldwide clients that you did business for?
See below for an overview:

SoberGlobe: Social Networking App for Addicted People
Haus & Co: Saloon Appointment Booking & Ecommerce APP
Nolu’s: Restaurant Booking and Online Food ordering APP
Shmooops: Marketplace for Dog Grooming Services
BuurtWatch: Chat Application for a Security Company
SpotOfCleanersDry Cleaning Services Booking APP
Caliente: Dual Language Ecommerce
StudentSocailNetworkingChat Application + Social Networking for Students

App on Google Play Store:

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WebMaazix Solutions Private Limited

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Do you think an online global App platform like Applepies can help these App Founders to increase the user visibility?

“A common platform like Applepies has and will continue to benefit App Founders not just by increasing their user visibility but also by providing the scope of rapid improvement in the product to achieve multiple business goals in short span of time.”

You as a visionary person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable?
“As per existing and projected trends, the answer is Yes! Mobile Apps are here to stay, grow and encapsulate a major chunk of profitable technological products. App based companies and businesses would soon take over traditional software market because of the exponential growth of Mobile users. We are pretty optimistic that App based activities like Talking to a doctor, Mobile Payments, Security of your home etc. would soon outgrow traditional way of doing things. For some business it already has, like online shopping, bill payments etc., in major part of the world.”

What can you offer those Clients who subscribe via Applepies in terms of attractive fees etc.?
“We are pretty flexible in regards to our fees. We aim to achieve a scalable, custom, effective product in most reasonable fees. Applepies and its clients would definitely get loyal and better service prices for a healthy and long-lasting synergy.”

Who are your target clients?
“We cater to all kinds of clients from different countries, different regions, different language speakers. We believe, technology is one way of globally uniting the world, hence we do not target specific client groups. However, we expect the client to have a minimum budget of $(U.S.) 4000-5000 for getting native apps in both Android and IOS platforms, rest all (cost and time of delivery of the project) depends on client’s pro-activeness and engagement with us.”

Last but not least is there anything you want to recommend the App Founders?
“My recommendations to New/ Existing App Founders:

  • Build your App around everyday problem that you or majority of people around you face.
  • Decide an audience for your product and ways to target them.
  • Be updated with the existing trends in Technology.
  • Give Scalability, effectiveness, custom built higher priorities over the price.
  • Research and Improve.”