Name Company: WeSecureApp (Tek Cube Pvt Ltd.)

Name Founder:  Mister K. Venu Gopal Rao (KR)

Branch: App security

Company: WeSecureApp is a new age cyber security company established by a group of highly motivated technologists. We offer unparalleled security consulting, auditing and testing services. Currently WeSecureApp is a team of 36 people, with over 60+ clients, 10 global partners, secured over 200+ mobile applications and saved more than $ 9 million for their clients.


Offices: Texas, United States and Mumbai / Hyderabad, India





Q & A:

Can you give a short introduction about yourself, your daily tasks, how We Secure App has been founded, and the worldwide We Secure App organization and the Clients you serve. 
KR: “I would like to introduce myself as Founder & CEO of We Secure App, A New Age Cyber Security Company. Business Leader with over 10 years of rich and specialized entrepreneurial experience in Technology & Consulting business. I am very fond of Business Development, Operations Management, Client Relationship and Account Management.

My daily tasks include but no limited to are new client acquisition, key accounts management, financial management and operations. Also invests few hours of time every week on how to improve revenues and client satisfaction from a strategic level.

With the entrepreneurial bug and inclination towards technology along with other Founders, Akhil Renikunta who is one of the best hackers of the globe winning many awards and recognition from the top internet giants like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc.. and Srinu Gangadhara, who is a GC holder in US with 15+ years of experience in Testing industry worked with companies like Fannie Mae, Sprint etc. wanted to solve at least ONE major problem and that’s to make Internet a Safer Place.

For more information on how WeSecureApp started, please check the blog.

Currently WeSecureApp has offices in Texas, US and Hyderabad & Mumbai in India. We are serving clients from 6 countries across different verticals which include Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Ecommerce, Internet and Logistics.”

Can you please tell something the App market regarding cyber security? Why is it so important these days?
”Cyber Crimes and Cyber-attacks costs about $400 Billion+ a year and with the rise of Internet Penetration and Mobile Phones, this is going increase multi-fold. With the advancement of technology in IoT, Cloud, and ML, the cyber threats are going to be a daily affair. Anything and everything which is online can be hacked and hence it is important to secure and harden the applications, networks & infrastructure.”

What is role that We Secure App plays (can play) for those App Founders? Which services do you exact offer?
KR: ”As we are an experienced cyber security company handling security of multiple apps every day, we understand the risks involved in mobile apps across different verticals. We provide Comprehensive Application, Infrastructure & Network Security (CAINS) for App Founders that includes Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Secure Source Code Review, Cloud Assessment, and training to developers on secure coding practices.”

How does your action plan with Clients looks like from the moment they contact you till they have full security on their Apps? How do you support the Client in this process? Can you give an example of one of your Clients you serve?
 ”Our engagement model is customer centric and we help them in every stage to achieve their objective of cyber security. Our typical engagement with all the clients involves below steps.

  1. Kick off meeting:
    The objective of this meeting is to ensure that WSA become aware of the timelines and testing details & both the parties are in agreement of proposed schedule.
  1. Security Testing of Networks and applications:
    The objective of this engagement is to involve resources to perform vulnerability assessment & penetration testing on the defined scope of networks & applications to find potential vulnerabilities.
  1. Report Submission:
    WSA will draft a report describing, in detail, of our activities and the results thereof, along with the impact and the necessary mitigation steps. We will also prepare a schedule of activities that should be undertaken by the client in order to close the vulnerabilities and to attain a secure and compliant state.
  1. Re-validation:
    Once the client fixes all the vulnerabilities, then the team will do the revalidation to make sure the vulnerabilities are fixed properly.
  1. Subscription:
    We will understand the sprint cycle or release cycle of the applications and get synced with the development team to make sure we perform the security testing before pushing the code to the live environment.”

What are best practices? Do you get some feedback from Clients that did business with you?
KR: “The best practices which we follow helps our team to understand about the application thoroughly and write custom test cases to perform business logic testing and close coordination with the client to close the vulnerabilities.”

Testimonial from Service Aide, A CA Company:
“We are very pleased with your assessment and findings. Glad to note that you could complete the assessment on time and with minimal assistance from us. Your team is spot on in identifying the issues and also quick in learning the product navigation. Overall we are very happy to engage you in the assessment of VAPT and will continue to engage you with the future releases of CSM.”

Do you think an online platform like Applepies can help these App Founders to increase the user visibility?
KR: “I am sure Applepies helps the App Founders greater visibility. It may also help the App Founders in gaining some traction by engaging users with the reviews of the apps.”

You as a visionary person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable?
KR: “Well, I think in next 3-5 years IoT will take a great market share and apps will be developed for different devices/machines and not just for smart phone.”

Last but not least is there anything you want to recommend all the App Founders? 
KR: “App Founders should develop apps which solves the problems of the common man. Use the latest technology and think out of the box to build really innovative apps which connects larger audience and help them in the best possible way. Time & resources App founders invest in building the products should also invest to protect it from hackers.”

What can you offer those Clients who subscribe via Applepies in terms of reduction on servicing fees etc.?
KR: “
We will offer free training to developers on Secure Coding Practices for all the clients who subscribe for our services through Applepies.”