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Name Co-Founder: Jonathan Barnave

Name Company: StrategyRX610

Website: www.SRX610.com           


Website Strategy RX610

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Jonathan Barnave (located in NY, USA) is a strategic advisor and implementer with 14 years of multi-faucet business methodology and dexterity. An innate drive that compels him to help individuals and or communities to scale, ascertain value and success. His background in research, predictive analytics, prescriptive solutions, digital media, brand equity and engagement sets forth the effective ability to disseminate and pave the vital steps to problem solving, identifying key indicators and leveraging market opportunities. These qualities are further utilized by assessing, modeling and forging the ideal road map for funding vehicles that organically align with the economic stage of an enterprise and or project while directly impacting business objectives, market share and stakeholder criterion. He is the leading resource and facilitator with a proven track record in strategic development, raising capital, branding, start-up growth, social media, content, mobile, technology staffing, planning and organizational management. Specialties: funding, debt, capital preservation, feasibility analysis, start up, growth capital, financial bridging, new product commercialization, new product development, licensing, transfer of tech, business development, strategic business planning, risk management, relationship management, IP monetization, financial modeling, stake holder analysis, game theory, deep learning, neuromarketing and hybridization of {p2p + p2m + b2c + m2m}.

Technology focus: apps, deep learning, prescriptive solutions, fintech, life science, health + wellness, regenerative agriculture, nanotechnology, biotechnology, non-profits.


“Congrats on Applepies, you guys have developed an invaluable resource for app developers. We would be honored to add value to Applepies and its community”.

As Co-Founder of SRX610 he introduced a system that will add measureable value to your business objectives.

“As technology grows exponentially the human condition moves from chaos to organized chaos. At the center of this process we strive to solve problems by achieving efficiency, effectiveness and optimization through the use SaaS and Apps. What constitutes a great App and how we can measure the qualitative value of its solution or output? More importantly what are the key ingredients and differentiators that inherently enable an App to offer added value, raise capital and long term success? These are ‘the do or die fundamentals’ that most app developers forget to identify and integrate into their business model. Without these vital essentials there is no access to funding and furthermore no foreseeable path to market or success.

SRX610’s methodology comprehensively identifies these critical ingredients in order to formulate a prescriptive roadmap for Apps seeking strategy and or funding to scale and commercialize their platform. Please participate in our monthly promotional drawing for a chance to win a complementary strategy assessment and prescriptive roadmap.”

Go to http://www.srx610.com for the full background and articles.

Or send an email to applepies2017@gmail.com to get in contact with Jonathan and to get reduction on the feasibility on investments and strategic advice:

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