Interview APP Founder – Omar Tarek

Interview APP Founder – Omar Tarek

Name Founder: Omar Tarek

Name Company: HumYum V.o.F.

Name App: HumYum

Category App: Food-sharing economy

Free or Paid App: Free

Is the App created for a certain country/area or worldwide: The Netherlands

Social Media



Appstore or Google Play App: Launching very soon


As Founder of this fantastic App, what was your motivation to create such an App?
“I was motivated to start this App when I asked myself why am I limited to order food from only restaurants and fast-food chains? What if I can order food from my Spanish neighbor whose meals always smell fantastic.

Why should App Users download this App?
“HumYum is a mobile application that allows for talented and freelance cooks to start their own kitchens and sell homemade meals; on the other hand, Users get to order inexpensive meals based on different ethnicities (African, Asian, Middle-eastern, European) from a varied menu by high-quality cooks. HumYum provides their cooks with the materials needed for packaging and tips or advice on how to run their small business (Kitchen). HumYum lets users pick up their own meals to save on delivery costs, however we also provide a delivery service for those who want their meals delivered.”

What are the advantages compared to other similar App’s?
”HumYum is the only App that allows for freelance cooks to sell meals from their home and strat their own business without dealing with the traditional r.estaurant costs. HumYum, also, is the only App where users can order homemade meals from cooks near them.The HumYum App contributes to social interaction between the users and the cooks by allowing them to follow, comment, or share recipes or any other food-related thoughts.”

Can you tell something about the process, challenges, hurdles and time spent from the moment you start (The Idea) till the moment you launched the App at the AppStore / GooglePlay?
“The main challenges that I faced since the ideation phase till developing the App were regarding legislation and App development. HumYum operates in the food-sharing economy sector and The Netherlands has very strict legislations for food safety and regulations so sorting out the legality of the project was challenging. Moreover, I have a commercial background which was challenging in the beginning to grasp the technicalities of App development. However, with the help of my co-founders we outsourced App development overseas and that decision was due to our low budget that we set.”

Once you launched the App in the Appstore / GooglePlay, what did you do to promote this App to your target audience (user group)? Do you think Applepies (as worldwide rating and reviewing Online App Magazine) can have a certain role in this?
“Our core operation lies in balancing the supply and demand which is making sure that the cooks produce a certain amount of meals on a daily basis and that exact amount is being demanded by a number of customers. That will be done manually, given that the co-founders and I decided to remain bootstrapped for the first quartile of operations. In that sense, marketing is not really helpful in terms of operations when we start; however, publicity of our App is definitely helpful since it will help us when looking for investors at a later stage.

You as a visionairy person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable?
“We have seen a tremendous increase of applications over the past decade with the introduction of smart phones, and innovation does not stop there. The physical Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing for the interconnectivity of all the smart devices that a person owns so my vision is within 1 to 5 years from now, the advanced societies will wittnessdigitization of  their  home appliances, personal belongings, cars, energy consumption, water consumption. The intention of asset digitization is to utilize the interconnectivity of the IoT which results in remote control through mobile applications.”

Are you currently (still) looking for investments or funds to finalise or optimize your App?
“No, we want to remain bootstrapped for the first one or two quartiles of operations and after achieving that our quarterly milestones we will look for investments to scale up our operations and optimize the App.”

Are you familiar with the definition Monetization (how to earn money with your App)? Are you open for Ad companies sending advertisements through your App?
“Yes I am. HumYum gets a percentage of the meals sold by the cooks while making sure that the meal  prices stay competitive on the demand side.”

Wat is the business model of the App (how does the App earns money?) Think of advertisements, premium subscriptions in the App etc?
OT: “
The App’s main revenue stream for the first one or two years would be transactional-based model; however, once enough traffic is generated on the App the business model may become advertisement-based as well as transactional-based.

Last but not least is there anything you want to recommend other App Founders/Creators?
“It is very important to build an MVP as fast as possible to get feedback from the market ASAP. That will help in:

a) Improving the MVP based on the market.

b) Generate some revenue for the business to assure profitability.”



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