Interview APP Founder – Miroslav Zaporozhanov

Interview APP Founder – Miroslav Zaporozhanov

Name Founder: Miroslav Zaporozhanov (MZ)

Name Company: Colibra Insurance

Name App: Colibra

Category App: Insurance / Instant Flight Delay Compensation

Is the App created for a certain country/area or worldwide: Worldwide

App description: Colibra is the world’s first insurance company that seeks to change how to handle risk and how people are treated when risks occur. Colibra is an open crowdsourced platform based on block chain technology that handles non-parametric insurance claims and the payment of claims in an automated, transparent, and autonomous way.

The main objectives of Colibra is to eliminate the conflict of interest found in the traditional insurance model by democratizing the claim handling process, making insurance claim payments autonomous and instant and reinventing transparency by being fully open about its solvency.

Additionally, Colibra seeks to combine block chain technology with smart contracts, stable coins, tokens, oracles, AI, and gamified crowd-sourced claim decisions. This will enable it to create an insurance company that has the potential to completely disrupt the insurance industry for good.

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As Founder of this fantastic App, what was your motivation to create such an App?
MZ: “According to different research papers trust in the insurance industry is at all-time lows (~70% distrust). That’s why we decided to create Colibra – the first democratic insurance company in the world that is not in conflict of interest with its clients because we crowdsource the claims to independent community.

Colibra’s first product is the FREE of Charge Instant Flight Compensation Service for flights delayed 1+ hour which will be embedded in the mobile boarding pass wallet within the App.

We created it because it saves users time & makes compensation a lot fair and egalitarian because with our service millions more will get compensated when their next flight delays without having to pay anything.

Why should Users download this App?
MZ: “Because it’s the only App on the market that gives users money when their flight delays without asking them to pay anything. We have an innovative business model and monetize on the back-end.”

What are the advantages compared to other similar Apps?
MZ: “Similar Apps are merely boarding pass wallets and only make it more convenient for you to store your travel initieries. We go several steps ahead of that with the vision to turn our App in the Travel Insurance App of the future.”

Can you tell something about the process, challenges, hurdles and time spent from the moment you start (The Idea) till the moment you launched the App at the AppStore / GooglePlay?
MZ: “It was hard for us to come up with innovative referral marketing models that we can embed at the back end of the App to make users share it with friends & family. I think most Apps don’t spend enough time on virality design and making processes and user journeys that motivate people to share the product within their peer group. You also have to come up with a good launch strategy. That’s why we started marketing the App before it was in beta, months before it was available on the App store and google play. I think this is critical for a successful launch campaign.”

Once you launched the App in the Appstore / GooglePlay, what did you do to promote this App to your target audience (user group)? Do you think Applepies (as worldwide rating and reviewing Online App Magazine) can have a certain role in this?
MZ: “We’re still in prelaunch phase meaning and we’re building a big list of subscribers who want to test drive the beta. In the meantime we’re working on our affiliate program and we’re testing a bunch of viral loop ideas that will make our users share our app with their friends & family.”

You as a visionary person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years Apps will be indispensable?
MZ: “I don’t think Apps will be indespensable in the future. Maybe in some industries related to data like financa. I think in the future we’ll mostly communicate with devices through voice (e.g. Echo, Google Home, Siri). When you look at Siri, it’s not really an App but it’s always there at your services and you can do a lot of stuff with it. This is gonna get event easier and more efficient as AI progresses.”

Are you currently (still) looking for investments or funds to finalise or optimize your App?
MZ: “Yes, since we’re building an Insurance company we’re always looking for funding. ?”

Wat is the business model of the App (how does the App earns money?) Think of advertisements, premium subscriptions in the App etc?
MZ: “We make money with every boarding pass that’s uploaded in the person’s wallet due to the back-end monetization funnel we’ve structured. Users don’t have to pay a dime but they get the compensation money instantly when a flight delays and and better conditions than any other competitor. All we do is to redistribute the compensations we take from the airline in a smart way and for a fee.”

Last but not least is there anything you want to recommend other Creators/Founders?
MZ: “Try to kill your idea quickly. If you can’t keep trying your best. That’s what Google X were doing back in the days. Then Pre-launch. Focus on unpopular marketing tactics & strategies. Do what it takes to stand out from your competition. And don’t forget to leverage other people’s digital assets.”

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