Interview APP Founder – Dina Mottiez

Interview APP Founder – Dina Mottiez

Name Founder: Dina Mottiez

Name Company: Bulbee

Name App: Bulbee App

Category App: Education Technology

Is the App created for a certain country/area or worldwide: For now only Switzerland (French part), but soon hopefully entire Switzerland, and maybe Europe if it goes well.






As Founder of this fantastic App, what was your motivation to create such an App?
DM: “It was mainly my observations of my students behavior in my classrooms. I’m an high school teacher and every year I see that it can be sometimes difficult for my students / and their parents to cope with the learning process in some school domains.”

Why should Users download this App?
DM: “In my country there is a lot of school support associations but the process of getting a tutor can be sometimes long and not as user friendly than an App can be. The students and the tutors have to get to the office to subscribe themselves for example.

With the Bulbee App, all these processes can be bypassed. Every user does his subscription through the App and he has a full autonomy with his profile (price per lesson, description of his qualification, calendar, etc…).

We verify all our tutors with a pedagogic test and with a police record”.

What are the advantages compared to other similar App’s?

Easy, fast and secured service;
We don’t get any commission on every lesson taken. Instead every user (students and tutors) has to pay 21.- CHF for a trimester subscription;
We also have two ways of booking a lesson with a tutor:
– The Quickbook: find a tutor within the hour;
– The Bulbers (=tutor on Bulbee): find a tutor that fits your criteria (availability, tarification, qualification);
The full autonomy for our users.
Can you tell something about the process, challenges, hurdles and time spent from the moment you start (The Idea) till the moment you launched the App at the AppStore / GooglePlay?

What was your plan at the moment you had the idea?
DM: “Because I’m originally not from the Tech world, I had no idea how much the development of an App could cost ! I thought I lost my senses when I heard the price ! This was the first main obstacle I had to deal with. How would I come up with that money?”

Did you get help from external parties who build the app?
DM: “Yes (sic !) I had to find an amazing App developer, which I did“

Any issues on (foreign) legislation?
DM: “No.”

Where there many unforeseen hurdles?
DM: “The cost, the time consuming… I literally had no more time for myself: I soon as I got of work (high school), I had to focuse my work on my start up. It’s been an amanzing journey so far, but when you decide to build your company from scratch, you have to face the fact that there will be some real sacrifices. When I started to think about Bulbee (the Idea) in May 2015, I didn’t thought one second how much it will be that intense.”

Was there sufficient money in place or did you get help from investors to finance the creation of the App.
DM: “The primary investment was the FFF: family, friends and fools… ”

How was the onboarding process at the Appstore / GooglePlay?
DM: “We were aware that Apple would be like a big reef barrier! They review your App and it can take some times of you don’t undestand or don’t look well enough to their guidelines to change what’s not correct to be published. I remember when we got the “green light” from Apple: I thought so much about the day I would get that and the bottles of champagne and all of my team celebrating, and when we finally were approved by Apple I was all alone in my chalet and I thought to myself: “well, here’s probably how it goes… the biggest challenges are won alone”. And I felt actually really happy to enjoy this achievement all by myself.”

What was finally the totally time spend.
DM: “Two years”

Once you launched the App in the Appstore / GooglePlay, what did you do to promote this App to your target audience (user group)?
DM: “We launched our App on Appstore first and during summertime. So we knew that it won’t be such an impact on our targets. We’ve decided to communicate through our facebook page and to send an email to all the persons that said they’re were interested by our project (around 450…)”

Do you think Applepies (as worldwide rating and reviewing Online App Magazine) can have a certain role in this?
DM: “Absolutely.“

You as a visionair, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable?
DM: “Yes, I think we’re getting more and more used to those technologies. But as a teacher, I can be sometimes worried about the time spent on smartphones with my students. It’s feels like they forget sometimes to take a look at the world instead of being all the time “wrongly” connected… As every ideology, we must not forget the “real deal” of life…”

So App’s will replace manual activities like controlling our home appliances from your smartphone, talk to your doctor via an App, instead of cash payments pay by your smartphone.
DM: “Why not ? Again, if it helps. Technology has to help, not replace….“

Are you currently (still) looking for investments or funds to finalise or optimize your App?
DM: “Yes.”

What is the business model of the App (how does the App earns money?) Think of advertisements, premium subscriptions in the App etc? “
DM: “I have answered to that in your question 2“

Last but not least is there anything you want to recommend other creators/founders?
DM: “It’s not the idea that is strong, it’s the team behind it…”

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