EVA – Explainer Video Agency

EVA – Explainer Video Agency

Name Company: EVA –  Explainer Video Agency

Name Founder: Ramon Freriks

Branch: Animation videos

Company description: EVA creates affordable explainer videos to effectively promote businesses.

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Can you give a short introduction about yourself, how EVA –  Explainer Video Agency has been founded (how did you come to the idea to start this?), the organization, the branch your serve and which services you offer.
“Hi! My name is Ramon Freriks, owner of EVA. I have a background in Online Marketing and started EVA 1,5 year ago. While working for my former employer we were looking for a company that could make an explainer video for us. We requested several quotes and the cheapest we got back was €4.000,-. I started researching the market and figured out that by re-using images / characters and backgrounds for animation videos, these videos could be made for a fraction of that price. At that time I knew this was a big opportunity to start my own business.”

Can you give an overview of the (worldwide) clients where you do/did business for?
 “We work for SME’s all over the world. I did a video for a company in Dubai, several Spanish and Belgian clients, Germany, Poland and from the UK. But the majority of the clients is still from my home country The Netherlands. My clients all agree that they do not want to pay too much money for their own animation video and still being able to use this great marketing/sales tool.”

Can you please tell something about the upcoming trend of this kind of Explainer Video’s (in what way can they visualize what a company sells? Is this a new way of marketing, i.e. tell your marketing story digitally? Is it a must for all companies to explain your business in a few minutes?)
RF: “Think about the way you visit a website nowadays. Do you still read all the text explaining what this company does? I know I don’t. Nobody reads anymore and people love watching short videos that explain which of their problem the company solves. That is why our videos always start with the problem of the potential client, that way you immediately grab the attention of your customer in the video and make sure the viewer will watch to see how you can solves his problem in the video.”

Why do you think these videos can be of high value for App Founders who wants to have their App more visible?
RF: “Whether it is information / tracking or any other kind of service, every App should solve a problem. Nobody just downloads and installs an App before he or she is sure this is the App that is right for the user. A video explaining the App and the problem it solves is a great way to convince your potential customer to take the leap and download the App.”

Looking at the increasing trend that the new generation (X, Y, Z) go from Web based to Mobile based, do you think that is in your advantage as Video producer?
RF: “Mobile is a great platform for video. Especially in combination with the social platforms that all encourage content producers to use video (for example auto play mode when connected to WIFI) I see a lot of advantages here for businesses using the power of video. And with more and more businesses being aware of that, this most definitely is in my advantage as a video producer.”

What is role that EVA – Explainer Video Agency plays (can play) for those companies who wants to make use of EVA? How does your action plan looks like from design till action plan How do you support the Client in this process?
RF: “We always start with the script. The script are the exact words the voice over in the video will pronounce. This is the ‘story’ you want to tell to your potential customer. I like to refer to it as your ‘party elevator pitch’, what do you tell someone at a party what your company does?

Some clients choose to write this script their selves (of course with a bit of help from us, for example we make sure our clients always use the ‘Problem – Solution – Explain – Action’ format). But we can also write the script for you for a small extra fee (€ 95,-).

When the script is final we are hiring a native speaking voice over artist and start working on the storyboard. This is a written version of what we are planning to visualize in the video.

After approval of the storyboard we start working on the video. In most cases we are able to show the client the first version of the video within a week.”

What are the advantages to do business with EVA – Explainer Video Agency compared to other similar video agencies (price, quality, supportiveness to clients, worldwide presence, experience, process time from idea till video?)
RF: “Traditional Explainer Video agencies are creating every aspect of your video from scratch (characters, backgrounds and the animations). This is very time consuming and because of this also very expensive. You van expect a quote starting from 4k Euro’s when asking any of these companies.

Since we skip the step of creating all these animations and re-use specific tools and libraries we can offer our services for just a fraction these companies charge: € 295,- for every 30 seconds video (excluding Dutch VAT if applicable). With our way of working your own explainer video finally becomes affordable.”

More generally, you as a visionary person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable?
RF: “Absolutely. Apps will keep gaining terrain in the following years. What I do think is that the ‘human’ aspect of the Apps will disappear. Current Apps need me to launch the App and do something inside the App for me to gain the advantage from the App. This will change in the coming years. I won’t need to launch Apps since the tech knows what I want when I want it.”

Do you think an online community platform like Applepies can help App Founders to increase the App User visibility/engagement?
RF: “I do. App founders usually are very good in the tech behind the App or the idea of the App (so the problem it solves). But marketing your App is a totally different area of sport. This is where Applepies (and EVA) can most definitely help App founders!”

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