Digitalist – Max Lopushynskyi [Facebook Ads]

Digitalist – Max Lopushynskyi [Facebook Ads]

Name Company: Digitalist (San Jose, California)

Name Founders: Max Lopushynskyi & Margo Prais

Branch: Facebook advertising specialist, UI/UX design




Q & A:

Can you give a short introduction about yourself, how your company “Digitalist” has been founded, about “Digitalist” as organization and the Client and Services you offer.
: “My background is sales, or how people like to call it nowadays – business development. This is what I am passionate about and what I love doing – helping businesses to grow. I see digital marketing as one of the most effective ways to do it today, and that’s why I am in this niche.”

I mainly specialize in the Facebook advertising, as this is the biggest and the most advanced platform out there. But, the platform is only a tactical tool that you are going to use to achieve results – the most important thing, and at the same time the thing that most of the businesses are lack of, is having a right strategy in social media marketing. Your strategy will always consist of your Goals, Content and Targeting. Based on your strategy, you will choose your tactical aspects, like platforms and tools that you are going to use.

This is what Digitalist specializes in – helping to develop and implement your social media strategy.

After we figure out the strategy part, our daily tasks include – digital tracking implementation, setting up, supporting and ongoing optimization of your funnel.

I was, and still am, lucky enough to work with one of the best agencies in the industry – BlitzMetrics. It gave me a chance to learn and execute world class technics used for wide variety of businesses in different niches, with different sizes and budgets. It showed me, that majority of them struggle with 2 things:

  1. I will repeat myself here – having a right social media strategy, and;
  2. Consistency in execution.

So, after the challenge with strategy, the biggest one is having somebody to check on performance of your campaigns on daily bases and make necessary adjustments.

Digitalist was founded to help businesses to deal with these challenges.Today, we are working with wide range of customers – startups, public figures, SMB’s. Basically, anybody who needs help with online advertising. Besides online marketing, we specialize in UX/UI design and can help with software development.”

Can you please tell something the digital/online advertising market on online platforms like Facebook. Which trends do you currently see? Why is Facebook / Social Media that important these days?
: “Facebook is still the largest and the most advanced advertising platform out there. Companies like SnapChat are trying to compete with it, but they are still far behind and it will stay this way for a while.

Still, it doesn’t mean that Facebook should be a primary platform to advertise your business – it all depends on your strategy. Due to its size, it just overlaps with majority of business’s needs. You can speak a lot about different trends today, but the most important one is still the personalized and customer-centric content. Users are bombarded with tons of content these days and the amount of it is growing. To make sure that users are getting great experience, platforms like Facebook optimize their algorithms to make sure they see the most relevant content.

You can speak a lot about different trends today, but the most important one is still the personalized and customer-centric content. Users are bombarded with tons of content these days and the amount of it is growing. To make sure that users are getting great experience, platforms like Facebook optimize their algorithms to make sure they see the most relevant content.

The idea is simple, if you want your brand to associate with people, your content should be personalized. Video is the most popular and engaging content nowadays and as social algorithms keeps updating, video will only become more valuable.”

Why is Facebook / Social Media that important for App promotion?
Max: “As an app founder, you want to be concentrated on 2 things: number of users of your app, and number of engaged users, as depending on your strategy, it will be the foundation of your monetization. Social Media will be one of (if not the main) your primary channels to achieve both, as it will allow you to promote your app, and at the same time, to keep your users engaged by reaching out to them with personalized messages based on their activities.
Facebook is the biggest platform with the most advanced advertising capabilities out there, this allows it to fit the needs of almost any business. But, a platform is only a tactical part of your strategy, as it might be the case that some other platform, like Instagram or SnapChat will be a better fit for your app.”

What is the added value to make use of Facebook ads via your company compared to place an ad by the Founder itself?
Max: “At least 40-60 hours worth of owners time, that he should spend on self-education. Add to it $5,000-$10,000 for the training courses or workshops that he should take, where experienced marketers will share most effective technics and strategies that they’ve developed over the years of running campaigns.
As my experience showed me, after all of this, 80% of business owners would prefer to pay somebody to manage it, as they will realize that this is a full-time job.”

What is role that Digitalist plays (can play) for those App Founders who like be more visible on online platforms? How does your action plan with Clients looks like from the moment they contact you till the advertisement is online? How do you support the Client in this process?
: “Our process of work is simple – if you contact us, we will ask you to fill in the short questionnaire with questions related to your business. This will be a foundation, that helps us to understand your strategy.

After this, we’ll have a short chat with you, so we can share what can be done and how exactly we can help. First ad can go live as soon as 24-48 hours after we’ve been contacted by a client, but often it takes much more time, as there are some things you want to have in place prior to that.

Our process is divided by stages:

–          Strategy development;

–          Digital tracking set up;

–          Testing stage (we’ll test audiences, content and sequences of it);

–          Optimization.

It might take between 2 and 8 weeks until we run through all 4 of them. And you should remember, that Optimization is an ongoing process. Depending on customer needs, we manage the whole process by ourselves or provide strategic consulting and help to implement it with their team.”

For which Clients did you previously do business?
: “Working with BlitzMetrics gave me a chance to work (and still be working) with companies like TiVo, Udacity, sports teams like Golden State Warriors and public figures like Robert Scoble and Bryan Kramer.

At Digitalist, we work with a wide range of the customers – startups, SMB’s, public figures and personal brands. Of course, they are not as big or famous as Blitzmetrics customers, but we are helping them to get there.”

What are best practices? Do you get some feedback from Clients that did business with you on increasing visibility and/or increasing results / turnover?
: “One of the best things you can do is to show your content in sequences, like an episodes of TV series. It will be your generic sales funnel.

Here is an example – you can use videos answering WHY, HOW and WHAT questions (best way to do it is to have at least 3 short videos for each of them, 9 in total).

WHY videos can be testimonials from your users, or video where you share why you have created this App, what your mission is, what challenges you are trying to fix. You want to create a custom audience out of people viewed at least 10 seconds of your WHY videos, and show them videos that answer HOW question. Just think about most common issues or questions your customers have and answer some of them. And, of course, WHAT video – this is a mini pitch to your customers. Video funnels work like magic.”

Do you think an online platform like Applepies can help these App Founders to increase the user visibility?
: “As an App Founder, you want your app to be featured in as many platforms, as possible. And what is even more important, is to be featured on the relevant platforms that have traffic. If you have a chance to put name of your app out there, go for it.”

You as a visionary person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable?
: “It does look like they are indispensable already. We cannot imagine our lives without apps today. With development of smartphone technologies, people can do more and more activities with their help and, as a result, spend less time using desktop computers.

More than 70% of the people reached with Facebook ads by businesses we are working with were on mobile. As a marketer, I believe that within the next few years messaging Apps will take over social networks. Messaging Apps are more private and allow to connect with customers on individual level – this is exactly what businesses need.

More and more businesses will create Apps to increase sales and to engage with their customers at a personal level.

Last but not least is there anything you want to recommend the App Founders?
: “Identify your strategy (Goals, Content and Targeting) and start marketing your App long before its launch date.

Facebook allows you to work with a very small budget (starting from $1/day) and you can use this to reach to the influencer audiences (bloggers, tech writers, public figures in your niche). If your App is worthy, they will help you to share it.

You want to create a buzz around your App and it won’t happen overnight, it will take time and affords – it’s better to start early.”

What can you offer those Clients who subscribe via Applepies in terms of attractive fees etc.?
: “We will be glad offer 15% discount for all our services to all Applepies subscribers.”

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