Name Company: Create Startups Here

Name Founder: Guillaume Kloof

Branch: App developing company

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Can you give a short introduction about yourself, your daily tasks, how Create Startups Here has been founded, and the worldwide or local organization and the services you offer.
 “I am a very open-minded entrepreneur that tries to add value to others, personally and professionally. Not bound by location, culture nor religion but bound by humility. Create Startups Here started with the focus on web development and gradually expanded towards mobile app and business development. With clients all over the world, we solely focus on adding value to our clients without compromising our professional pride or ethics. Create Startups Here and partners aim to help entrepreneurs and their business to either get started or expand. Our biggest strength, is helping entrepreneurs that build their business around a web platform or a mobile application.”

Can you please tell something the App market. Trends you currently see? Number of request, specific regions? Etc.
 “What we’ve noticed is that apps have evolved from just assisting the user with some small tasks to entire businesses being built around them. Entrepreneurs have figured out that they need to build a community around their app other than simply having an app with the most advanced features. Although chatbots are on the rise a bit and competing with mobile apps, many entrepreneurs haven’t truly figured out how to effectively integrate them into their business.”

What is role that Create Startups Here plays (can play) for those Founders who like to develop an App? How does your action plan looks like from idea till the app is finalized? How do you support the Client in this process?

  1. Requirement analysis; the main question that we answer is: where is the client, right now with his app business? If the client only has a vision or idea, then we have various sessions with them, to setup a business model that is actually feasible. Depending on what the client already has setup, a session can be setup with either one of our experts *** Even a Funding expert (only if the business has been validated)
  2. Setup; Based on the findings, a roadmap will get setup for this client where the primary focus will be on setting up the client’s business as “lean” as possible. The goal is to validate that there is a market for what the client wants to build ***more than 36% of startups fail due to building a product for which there’s no market for.
  3. Execution; Depending on the client’s budget, we can guide them through the execution of the whole through consulting sessions or we can also assist them by actually performing the setup tasks in the roadmap for the client. Here is where we also assist in developing the client’s prototype or actual version 1.0 of the intended app.”

***If clients already have everything setup and has the budget, then we will only focus on the development of their app. Otherwise we’ll setup a roadmap for them to do so. This roadmap is a minimum of 3 months.

What are the advantages to do it via Create Startups Here  (Price, Quality, Supportive to clients worldwide presence, short delivery time, specialties, Webinars etc.?)
GK: “By working with Create Startups Here, clients receive tech and business expertise along with the actual tech development. A primary example of our tech and especially business expertise, is one of our current clients in Amsterdam, Farmed Today ( Currently, only operational in Amsterdam but we have already arranged a deal to serve the Caribbean with their platform. For details, here’s the official press release.  For us, the client’s business is our biggest focus. Therefore, we make sure that we work very transparent with the client and also continuously educate our clients on what is happening in the app business but also everything that is related to it. We do this by regularly providing webinars on apps or app related topics. Other than that, there are some other benefits to working with us.”

Do you think an online platform like Applepies can help these App Founders to increase the user visibility?
GK: “For us it would be important to look at quality over quantity. For this reason, we look at App Founders their target audience and try to tailor their marketing accordingly. In case Applepies has a reach in a network(s) that cater to App Founders, then it will most certainly be a viable option for them.”

You as a visionary person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable?
GK: “In regards to the future, devices are becoming more and more irreplaceable in today’s world but human interaction can never be replaced. Even the great visionary, Elon Musk attests to this, that although he is a major fan of Artificial Intelligence, he is also a bit petrified of it. On top of that, Stephen Hawking has already expressed how he feels about leaning and depending on technology too much.

As a person in tech, the ethical line and the line between what should (not could) be done, sometimes gets blurry. The same goes for previously mentioned visionaries but they have already seen the dangers, thus their warnings. In my opinion, basic human needs won’t be replaced entirely in the near future. Apps will remain very relevant and will definitely replace various manual tasks, just not the ones where intangibles also matter.”

Last but not least is there anything you want to recommend the App Founders?
GK: “App Founders should not focus on a billion dollar idea for an app but they should focus on current problems that we’re dealing with. The bigger the problem that is being solved, the bigger the potential of financial success.”

What can you offer those Clients who subscribe via Applepies in terms of attractive fees etc.?
GK: “To Applepies members, I can provide the following:

·       10% discount on Bootcamps (we aim to setup bootcamps with other experts)

·       Free access to our webinars

·       50% discount on our downloadable (a special coupon code will be made for them)

·       10% discount on development fees”

If you as App Founder would like to make use of this support please send an email to