Conversation with the Founder of APPTUTTi  – Donald Tang

Conversation with the Founder of APPTUTTi – Donald Tang

Name Founder: Donald Tang

Name Company: APPTUTTi






Q & A

Applepies: Can you give a short Introduction about yourself, how APPTUTTi has been founded, and the APPTUTTi organization.
“I am simply a keen observer and thinker with a passion for ‘creating’ things; both hardware and software. With my masters in International marketing and two decades of IT experience, my innate skills have come quite handy in founding APPTUTTi. When I see something unbalanced, I have to figure out the reason and improvise.

When a close friend from Norway struggled to launch a really cool app in China I had to figure out the reasons and I realised there were so many issues that any developer with that intention would have faced. The communication issues, regulations, cultural issues make it a mess for them. With my experience & network in China, I was able to build an online platform for all such developers to get a solution at one single place.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2015, we were with 3 people when we started and today we have a team of 30 professionals based out of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Singapore.”

Applepies: Why should App Founders enter China anyway? How is the current App market. What is the number of App users throughout the years, what are the volumes? Who are the main players (Google, Amazon or Apple?)
“China has a population of more than 800 million mobile users. This population doesn’t have access to creative apps and games but has a huge appetite for them. Also, the Chinese are more comfortable than any other nationality when it comes to spending money via phone. This kind of audience is very attractive to any app founder.

Here are some interesting facts about the app market:
> US$ 14.6B market in 2017, sharing 25% of world total mobile game revenue
> More than 1.8 million games on Google Play or Apple App Store but just little more than 50 thousands which has a significant portion of copycatting and reskinning in China.
> Spending of mobile game users in China has grown by 10 times in last 3 years and the current spending is 30% higher than those in the States according to this newsarticle
> Lack of content and creativities in China which create a huge room for foreign developers to drain in their creatives and innovations.
> There are plenty of app/game stores in China. Those traditional ones owned by Tencent, Baidu, Qihoo 360, some owned by smartphone vendors like Huawei, Mi, OPPO, Vivo, etc.  And there are quite a few game focused stores. Of course Apple’s App Store is there but Google Play is banned.”

Applepies: What is role that APPTUTTi plays (can play) for those Founders launching an App and like to enter the huge market like China.
“APPTUTTi provides a one stop solution to them. A simple registration on our online portal gives them access to translation services, our SDK kit, IP registration, tech support and many other services required to successfully and legally launch an app in Chinese stores.

Now without any local Chinese expertise, it can be very daunting or in some cases impossible for foreigners to launch an app in China. There’s not just cultural and language differences but also various regulations imposed by the government that makes the task difficult.”

Applepies: Can you please tell something about best and bad practices from your past experience with Apps Founders who wants to enter China, or other Tips and Tricks.
Are the regulations in China more strict to enter Appstores ?
“To launch an app/game successfully in China, its key to partner with a company that has local expertise. Because an app/game that does great in another country may not sell at all in China. The Chinese have a different taste and the customization needs to be done accordingly. After the customization is done its ideal to launch your app in a few key stores, test the waters and then blast into other stores as well.

The regulations are definitely different here. For example, some kinds of content are prohibited, social media plugins would not work, IP registration and publishing license is mandatory.

More important the App/Game developers must keep their products updated regularly in order to keep fresh in the market.  There were many cases that the app/game obtained initial success but without regular updates they eventually grew less popular and would be forgotten.”

Applepies: Do you think an online platform like Applepies can help these App Founders to increase the user visibility?
“Applepies could be a brilliant platform for App Founders as its very focused on helping out the app developer community. People in various fields often need direction and a relevant community can prove to be of tremendous benefit.”

Applepies: You as a visionary person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable? So App’s will replace manual activities like controlling our home appliances from your smartphone, talk to your doctor via an App, instead of cash payments paid by your smartphone.
“I think so very much. In fact, in China its already happening. You can get your breakfast from a street vendor, pay for your vegetables or even tip a waiter in a restaurant via we chat. Forget cash, even cards have become obsolete in China. And I am sure, the rest of the world is going to follow because in today’s fast paced life, everybody wants everything to be easy. Sooner or later a smartphone with relevant apps would be even more important than a wallet.”

Applepies: Last but not least is there anything you want to recommend to these App Founders?
“I would wish them best of luck on their wonderful creations and encourage them to explore the biggest marketplace: China. To the subscribers of Applepies, we would also like to offer reduction on the app launch in some of the Chinese app stores so they need not worry about the money and just focus on growth while they test out the new market.”


If you would like to have more information and/or want to make use of APPTUTTi services, please contact Applepies to get reduction on the app launch!

Good luck with entering the huge Chinese market.

Your Applepies Team

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