Name Brand: APPMeadows

Name Event: APPortunity

Name Founder/CEO: Mr. Amit Arora

Branch: App ecosystem

Event description: APPortunity is an event to bring together the entire app economy under one roof.

Date of Event: January 24th and 25th, 2018


Can you give a short introduction about yourself, how AppMeadows has been founded, and the APPortunity events?
AA: “I am an experienced coach & trainer and have been also helping others to transform their ways of thinking and working habits. I have years of development experience, in a variety of environments covering almost all mainstream technologies, including .NET, Java/J2EE, iOS, Android, AI, IOT and many more.

I am the founder of AppMeadows, the ecosystem for mobile app development.  It is the sole platform that aims to focus on mobile apps starting from formation, investment and start-up through to development, design and marketing.”

How is AppMeadows founded?
AA: “The mobile app industry is burgeoning over the last few years and experts believe it will thrive even more in the future as well.

Everyone wants to ride the wave of this prospering industry and garner benefits from the same. However, all the stakeholders involved in the app development world including the clients, developers, source code owners, trainers, etc. face a lot of challenges right from the inception of an app idea to its deployment and marketing. Since there is a quandary, there is a need for a solution. This is where we got a brainwave to create a common platform that can cater to anything that anyone in the app development industry needs. We wanted to carve a niche with our constant endeavor to the prospering App development industry and all our energies were driven in this direction. Since the inception of this idea in March 2015, our team has strived hard to create this uniquely focused ecosystem that can bring together the whole chain of investors, startups, developers, tool owners and all other stakeholders in the app development world under one common crown: AppMeadows!!! We are happy that after 1.5 years of passionate work, AppMeadows is almost complete and we have already hit the nail on the head. We already have strategic partnerships in place and we are ready to work with more zeal to launch our dream project and bring about a sturdy positive wave in the app development industry. APPortunity is a physical manifestation of APPmeadows platform. More details:

About Apportunity
AA: “APPortunity is a pre-eminent event on the opportunities in the mobile APP Industry bringing together the whole APP ecosystem from across the globe under one roof. APPortunity is the most happening event of the app industry, where influencers from all facets of the industry come together to share their knowledge.

APPortunity is a 2 day event, Jan 24th-25th at Bangalore Palace, Bengaluru which convenes visionaries from all facets of the Global IT industry to provide you with a unique collaborative environment to gain insights, network, do business and grow together. The event is spread across three pavilions: APPortunity (Powered by AppMeadows, a must for anyone involved in the Global App Ecosystem.), IndiaSoft (Showcasing the best and the brightest IT companies from India) and GlobalSoft (Presenting Global IT providers).

Keynotes and Speaker Sessions pertaining to prominent tracks on the agenda include Internet of Things (IoT), Agile, AI & Bots, AR/VR/MR, Fintech, Design & UX and Monetization & Marketing. The event will showcase an exhibition of a wide range of companies across the app industry. APPortunity will also provide an arena for credible Start-Ups to pitch their ideas and projects to renowned Venture Capitalists.

Can you please tell something about the mobile (App) market (trends, number of users, new generation). Which online marketing trends do you currently see?
“If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that technology surrounding mobile apps is developing. And it’s developing fast. As of March 2017, there were 2.2 million apps to choose from on the iTunes App Store and 2.8 million available for Android users. With the app market showing no signs of slowing down, that number is only set to grow. The mobile app trends which continue to surprise in 2018 will be AR/VR/MR, IoT, AI & Chatbots, On-demands Apps, cloud based Apps etc.

The online marketing trends which we currently see are:
1.)   App Marketing Strategy
2.)  App Store Optimization (ASO)
3.)  App Landing Page
4.)  App Video Marketing
5.)  App Pre-launch Exposure
6.)  App Social Media Marketing
7.)  App PR Services
8.)  App User Acquisition Services
9.)  App Review Submission

Can you tell something about the Event itself (location, number of events/visitors, interesting speakers etc.)?
“APPortunity, a comprehensive event will be held on Jan 24th-25th, 2018 at Bangalore Palace, Bengaluru. the event is spread across three pavilions: APPortunity (Powered by AppMeadows, a must for anyone involved in the Global App Ecosystem.), IndiaSoft (Showcasing the best and the brightest IT companies from India) and GlobalSoft (Presenting Global IT providers).


  • 1500+ attendees
  • 80+ countries
  • 300+ Exhibits
  • 90,000+ sq ft. of space

More details:

A broad spectrum of developers, industry leaders, influencers, marketplace authors, SDK vendors, product owners, VCs and prominent visionaries of the app industry are converging in January, 2018 for an exclusive 2 day event with extensive facilities in Bangalore, promoted as the IT hub of India. Our delegates can be seen on this link

Keynotes and Speaker sessions pertaining to prominent tracks on the agenda include Internet of Things (IoT), Agile, AI & Bots, AR/VR/MR, Fintech, UI & UX and Monetization & Marketing. Our speakers can be seen on this link”

Why should all App founders and other App stakeholders join this event?
AA: “This is a unique event with ample networking opportunities to gain insights, grow and do business together. Here is what to expect at the event:

  • 1500+ expected attendees from 80+ countries;
  • Robust speaker faculty;
  • Abundant Networking Opportunities with Private & Public Sector Representatives;
  • Extensive International & Domestic media coverage;
  • 300+exhibits;
  • In-depth knowledge sharing on IoT, Agile in Apps, App Marketing, AR/VR/MR, AI & Bots and app development;
  • Award ceremony for the best apps;
  • Start-Ups pitching to accredited VCs.

More generally, you as a visionary person, what is your view on the new technologies of the digital smartphone (App) world. Do you think that within 1 to 5 years App’s will be indispensable?
“An average of 80% of mobile media time is spent on apps by the users, which is expected to grow in coming years. However, 17% of developers generate no revenue related to Apps at all, 18% of developers make less than $100 per month and the next 17%, bringing us to a total of 52% make less than $100 per month. This means that the app industry is growing and has huge potential but is a little bit scattered. There is a need to manage the steep rise and the effort has to come from all of us involved in this industry.

For sure Apps will be indispensable in coming years as mobile app trend is booming right now and  the trend may not change anytime soon. This is because mobile app developers are churning out Apps for different purposes like Banking, games, home appliances, business, security, news, chatting, miscellaneous apps and many more.

Do you think an online community platform like Applepies can help App Founders to increase the user visibility/engagement?
“I think online community platform like Applepies gathers people interacting and collaborating towards a common goal. They can share their opinions and insights anywhere, anytime and with any device. Unlike in-person focus groups, their feedback doesn’t stop after two hours in a conference room (or online chat session). This offers multiple advantages to the marketers and researchers who need to better understand their consumers’ real lives and experience.

Last but not least, what would you recommend to all the App Founders in the world? 
“I would recommend all App Founders to come together and work for the upliftment of the App ecosystem. And this is what we are trying to do with AppMeadows. Bringing together the whole chain of investors, developers, app founders, product owners, SDK owners, etc. under one common platform.

Who will be presented?