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Vivino APP

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Vivino, THE App for the true wine lover.

Do you like to drink a fine wine at home?

On the other hand you don’t have a real extensive wine knowledge, and you want your guest(s) to offer a real good wine?

Then this app offers you the solution.
Off course, you can seek advice if you are inside a wine shop, however buying a fine wine in the supermarket becomes more difficult.
Or imagine you’ve got a bottle of wine from a friend, then this App’s tells you how to drink this wine the best way.

Scan the label through the app and it gives you detailed information about the wine, where the wine comes from, what other people think of it, and with what kind of food / snack it best matches.

So you’ll never have to doubt with what kind of meat you can combine this wine.

So download this App, or go to for more information.


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