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Uber offers a real good qualitative alternative taxi service. The company from San Francisco was founded five years ago and made a rapid growth in that time. The value of the app was late December estimated at $ 40 billion. In 270 cities in 56 countries are using the app now. In the Netherlands would be about 1000 cars with the Uber app driving around in major cities in the Randstad.

Users praise the service because of the convenience and the price.

The app is very easy to to use. You can monitor the available Uber cars on a digital map on your smartphone screen. Based on the distance, the App immediately gives you an indication of the price, so you know what to pay.

The costs for the ride are often even half compared to a normal taxi. That is partly because there is no big taxi company involved and also the tip is already included in the fare.

Because you link your credit card account to the App, Users don’t need to have any cash money. Bad experiences with drivers can be reported through the app, so drivers who behave rude can be avoid easily.


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