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Scannable APP

Scannable APP

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Product Description

The Scannable App is really perfect for business men/women or private individuals who want to keep their administration orderly as possible.

For business users it is really useful for their linkedin contacts. With this App you scan the business card of the respective business relationship on the basis of the name, making directly a connection with Linkedin. This allows you to make a connection immediately.

It also scans all the data from the card into your phone and you can automaitsch make a proper PDF file (with the phone records, email, linkedin link, work address) and put it neatly with a copy of the card into a PDF. This allows you to save it to your contacts in your smartphone or easily send it as a PDF file to a colleague, or for example to a recruiter.

The camera is created in such a way that it only selects the document via an intelligent scanning method, and therefore not subject to scan any other background. So you don’t have to edit it manually again.

In short, this App works very nicely and it scans very easily. In addition the direct connection with linkedin is a real added value.


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