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You want to manage/control all your home appliances from one App? It seems like an utopia, but it seems to be truth!
Currently you see that control the heating is only possible via the App of the specific supplier. Might be a little bit annoying to use and download an App for each seperate device.

With the Home Connect App will this will be history.

With Home Connect you can control your home appliances of various European brands easily and intuitively via your smartphone or tablet.
Bosch and Siemens have already integrated their equipment with the Home Connect standards. So either you turn on your oven from the office to preheat these devices or either walk in the supermarket and you want to look into your dishwasher whether the clean solution water is empty, it may be possible all very soon.

Home Connect links your home appliances via wireless using internet (wifi) with your smartphone or tablet. One thing to keep in mind, the devices must still be equipped with the built-in Wi-Fi chip.

The data exchange with the devices is via a secure connection and meets the highest security requirements. TÜViT also confirmed the high security level of the Home Connect app.

For more information go to www.home-connect.com


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