Babyfoon 3G App

Babyfoon 3G App

Babyfoon 3G App

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Babyfoon 3G
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“The Babyfoon App versus the traditional Babyfoon. Especially distance of babysitting between the baby and parent(s) makes the big difference.”


Product Description

The Baby monitor App versus the old-fashioned baby monitor.

Especially the wide accessibility of this modern baby monitor plays a major role.

With WIFI or 3G / 4G you will have unlimited range. This is a big advantage over the old-fashioned baby monitor. While this often claim to have a wide range, there is a caveat here. In the open air the is a wide accessibiltiy, but this is limited indoors through walls and ceilings. With this baby monitor App you don’t have to bother, as long as 3G /4G or Wifi is available.

So imagine you want to do a quick visit around the corner, but the little one is just sleeping, then you just activates the App. Very useful.

The cost of the app is 3.99 Euro. Still cheaper than traditional baby monitor.

Other features:
> Point the camera at your baby and you can see baby.
This works well, but pointing the camera at your baby with an iPhone is more difficult than a camera that is especially made for this.
> You can talk to the baby with the Baby monitor App. With a simple function, you can say something to your baby to make him/her fall asleep.
> Adjust the sensitivity of the sound. You can set the sensitivity of the microphone. Is the little baby room near a busy road, you do not want the App alarms you every time when a car passes your house.

The only downside of this App is that you temporarily can run out your iPhone or iPad. You need at least 2 smartphones/ipads, one for the baby and the parent. This can be difficult if you’re addicted to this or you have to call someone.  Further the Interne can go offline, being temporarily out of control.

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