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Do you always have much trouble to remember all your login codes (username and password)?


Product Description

Do you always have much trouble to remember all your login codes (username and password)?

You probably often use the same codes for all logins, but sometimes one of both slighty differs because for example no email address can be used as an username or a password has expired in between and you have adapted a different number or letter.
Very annoying! You can off course register all these log ins into an excel file, but today we do everything within our smartphone, so it is much easier to arrange this from one App.

Currently you might already have digital access codes for:
– Facebook
– Linkedin
– Online (business) newspaper subscriptions
– Online insurance
– Online Tax
– Online pension policies
– Credit card logins
– Bank login codes

Mostly login codes for Facebook and Linkedin will not be used anymore, because you log in that often that the access gate is just “open”. Even through the app you can access directly.

However App’s that gives access to your credit card data, insurance, tax etc. is more dangerous, needing really good protection.

With the 1Password App this is history. You only have to create 1 master code, i.e. log in (also possible based on your fingerprint).
Once you are inside the app, you can simply go to a website via the App and 1Password immediately fills out your user name and your saved password. Basically you will check out the different websites via the 1Password App and not through separate App’s.

– All personal “My log-ins” (username + password) can be opened via this App.
– Perfect overview via one App of all the secured websites where you have access to.
– Also filing other secure logins for bank cards and credit cards. As soon as you have to fill out the Creditcard fields manually, you click on the key icon in the App and he fills out all the necessary fields automatically.
– Ability to code sharing with family or old(er) parent. This is a paid module.

– When you start with 1Password it needs some discipline to save all logins in the App.



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