Dear Applepies partner,

Applepies currently has a network of around 50,000 people/companies consisting of (mainly) App Founders, investors, developers, mobile marketing companies, digital online (news)magazines, and interesting companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook.

In addition we entered into 2 Partnerships, one with StrategyRX610, a strategic company that helps App Founders with funding and strategic support. Furthermore we cooperate with Jacques LeDisco who is an App Agent, Publisher, and Broker. His network can get your App into the Chinese market, sell your App or get your App promoted in the US (New York).

If your company sees possibilities with one of our network partners, or would like to put some advertisements on our website, please let us know.

In addition we send each month a newsletter to all our warm members with this App community, so a perfect way to promote yourself, your App and your product.

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Your Applepies Team