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Mobile App Security Testing for $1999 per App

Mobile devices invade the corporate world and also the lives of individuals. Enterprise Mobility and Mobile technologies take the centre stage of all the operations in the enterprises. Concepts like BYOD give momentum to this shift, bringing in an array of different threats to the system, accessible through a variety of devices and networks.

On the other hand, the app culture brings with it a different kind of deployment threat. Downloading apps from various stores makes the devices susceptible to malicious attacks from viruses and malware that the apps could bring with them.

Mobile App Penetration Testing keeps a tab on probable attacks on wearable devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers; their data and the networks that connect them and enlists methods to prevent these.

The growing variations in devices and their different operating systems pose unique challenges for conducting penetration tests for the mobile applications. Pen Testing and analysing the mobile applications optimally on a real-time environment, simulation of different types of attacks; generalized and mobile specific ones as well as replication of attacker actions to retrieve classified information are few of the actions that form the core of any Mobile Application Penetration Testing.

The assessment includes testing your Android / iOS application against all security risks as per industry accepted OWASP Mobile Security Testing Methodology.


·       Weak Server Side Controls

·       Insecure Data Storage

·       Insufficient Transport Layer Protection

·       Unintended Data Leakage

·       Poor Authentication and Authorization

·       Broken Cryptography

·       Client Side Injection

·       Input Validation

·       Improper Session Handling

·       Lack of Binary Protections

·       Business Logic Testing

 Services for Mobile Application Penetration Testing 

·       Testing for popular Platforms and Devices

1.      Android Applications

2.     iOS Applications

3.     Windows Phone Mobile Applications

·       Identifying mobile devices breaches into the system

·       Security awareness amongst the users

·       Social Engineering Security

·       Penetration testing through real world tactics

1.      Phishing

2.     Web form impersonation

3.     Fake wireless access points

·       Audits and Reports as guidelines

·       Audits and Reports as guidelines


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