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Word Lens Translator APP
Word Lens Translator APP
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You are on holiday and you don’t speak the language very well.

Here is the solution.
Just scan the foreign text on a menu in a restaurnt, or road signs or road map and it will translate the text easily for you. How convenient is that!

Word Lens Translator is an App that translates real time by using the camera on your Android or Iphone device. The only thing you need to do is to select the desired language. Point the camera at the text and focus it a few seconds on the target text. Within a few seconds you’ll see some magic will happen and the translation appears real time on your screen.

The best use of Word Lens Translator are for menus, posters, road signs, and news headlines. The more the text is clear, the smaller the chance of errors in the translation. Word Lens Translator is a incredibly useful App for people who often travels. Let it translate the exact meaning of every character in every language for you.

It is also a perfect App to learn a foreign language.

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