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Always wanted to know what you exactly buy at the supermarket?

That is possible with the ScanLife $ QR reader. A personal shopping assistant that explains (via the connection QR code and barcode) exactly what you are buying. It tells you what kind of ingredients are in the product, what the price is, what the reviews are and where to buy a similar product (for a lower price).

ScanLife gives products a voice of their own. Instead of relying on passive packaging and advertising, ScanLife helps you create direct interaction with the consumer – at the point of sale, package review or at delivery – on a real time basis, thanks to a very smart intelligent business analytics.
ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform integrates the next generation of QR codes, or any type of tracker into an interactive marketing campaign making it easy to deliver contextual and relevant messages to the public.

Directly benefit from coupons based on time of day, lead generation promo’s, purchase options, app downloads or surveys, this in addition to the launch of URLs and many more options.

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  • Able to scan quickly (using the smart QR codes)
  • The App give you all kind of information regarding price, ingredients and reviews


  • The App is very focused on getting rewards. So if you rate/review the App for certain products, the App earns rewards from the product seller.

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