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Dear App User,

Applepies appreciates your opinion. More importantly, we think that the App Founders can use your point of view even better. They can use this valuable information to improve their App.

Because your opinion is that important, we want to reward your review. Before you start rating and reviewing the App, we ask you to register first. With that, we know who our App users are.

If you give frequent ratings and reviews you will get the chance to get discount or free App’s. We will also discuss with the Founders of these App’s whether you can be invited to test App’s through a research panel. Off course we also like to receive your experience with an App that you often use. We can put that on our website, so feel free to comment! Furthermore, of course, you will receive our newsletter with all the latest developments in the field of App’s.

But above all, this website provides a great online platform to choose the best App’s.

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