Why Applepies

Dear Relation,

Applepies has designed this special online community magazine for App’s to present and distinguish themselves better.

Via ratings, reviews and instructional videos of the App Founders/Creators can even better meet the needs of their (potential) App User.

“The app stores are starting to look like V&D (Dutch warehouse store), with a large, cluttered and outdated offerings.”
(Source: NRC Handelsblad, Dutch newspaper)

Applepies makes a difference by selecting an exclusive number of App’s and let themselves be rated an reviewed through its online magazine.

We noticed that the App store and Google Play store for Android are just “shops” where thousands of app’s are registered. Because so many App’s just waiting in the store to get downloaded, it stays unclear that these App’s exists anyway and what their added value could be.

Applepies is specifically designed to easily search through the site by category, to look and feel what the specific App delivers, and what the advantages and disadvantages are. Apple (iTunes Review) and Android (Google Play) do offer a rating system themselves via their own website or a catalog of apps, but as you will experience yourself these reviews are very brief. In addition, you can only rate when you are in the App Store / Google Play store on your smartphone.

For Creators of App’s the ability to promote their app through the catalog of Apple or Android is completely restricted. You cannot easily share news, show updates, promote text customization or view detailed rating and review information. So you are very dependent on the facilitating party. Applepies can adapt your business when or whatever you want! Because we only focus on App’s with a real added value their will only be a select choice of App’s.

With a rating, review tool and exclusive selection of available App’s you have all the information together in one online portal.

Good luck, all the best,


Your Applepies Team

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