Hello world of App Founders, Creators and App Users!

Applepies launched this global online App Ecosystem to give all the App’s the open stage and worldwide visibility they deserve. This is the perfect chance to present and optimize your freshly baked App via ratings, reviews, explainer video’s and Founder interviews. Currently Applepies has a global network of around 30,000 App Founders/Developers, Investors, App Users, Tech magazines/bloggers, ASO/Mobile Marketing companies and key people within Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

Applepies is also in close contact with a worldwide network of Mobile Ad companies who can help you with monetizing your App. So if you want to earn money with your App by ads pushing, in-App purchases or other monetizing strategies you are in the right spot.

Applepies gives a boost to the visibility of your App as well as the possibility to constantly develop the best App.

So if you don’t want your App to get lost between the thousand other App’s in the AppStore or GooglePlay then make use of our online App Ecosystem.
Since we started Applepies we already received some nice assignments from well known App Developing companies to make their App’s more visible by ratings and reviews via Applepies.nl, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Distinguish yourself amongst the millions of App’s in the Appstore/GooglePlay and make your App visible to the worldwide public!

Creating your App is a challenge, but get your App visible to the world is even more important.
Applepies focuses mainly on innovative, interactive, trendy, very practical App’s with added value, of which we think App Users will make a lot of use of it.

Do you have any comments, do you have suggestions or ideas, please let us to know.

Good luck with rating, reviewing the App’s and finding the right stakeholders that brings your App to the next level.


Your Applepies Team



Applepies is one of the best platforms to provide all kind of details or information to promote your App.”

[Quote AppFillip – Rajesh Sharma]

Applepies Newsflash [January 31, 2018]

Applepies is revamping its website. Follow us closely! Please have a look at our fantastic new Promo video!


Applepies Newsflash [September 13, 2017]

UPCOMING Webinar: Help me get my tech Start-up funded!

Date: October 11, 2017 6:00 PM Amsterdam time

Go to our Webinar page


Applepies Newsflash [August 25, 2017]

Do you as App Founder want to enter the huge Chinese market with over 800 million mobile users?

Read the article with our Chinese partner Donald Tang.

“Applepies could be a brilliant platform for App Founders as its very focused on helping out the app developer community. People in various fields often need direction and a relevant community can prove to be of tremendous benefit”

(Quote Donald Tang)


Applepies Newsflash [August 16, 2017]

Applepies and Google launched the interesting interview with Louis Powell, Head of UK Apps, on the roles Google plays for App Founders by helping developers build high quality Apps, growing their user base, and generating revenue.

“I would not make a direct comparison but Applepies can be a useful channel for app developers. The Mobile Growth Stack is an useful source which outlines how different channels work together to achieve growth.”

(Quote Louis Powell, Google Head of UK Apps)

Read the interview


Applepies Newsflash [July 25, 2017]

Applepies Global App Magazine has a partnership with StrategyRX610, an strategic investor and advisor that helps to grow your App.

“Congrats on Applepies, you guys have developed an invaluable resource for app developers. We would be honored to add value to Applepies and its community.”

(Quote Jonathan Barnave)

Read the interview

Applepies Newsflash [July 16, 2017]

You want your App to be promoted, rated and reviewed on our Global online App magazine? Or you as Founder want to be interviewed by Applepies? Just sent an email to applepies2017@gmail.com and the worldwide public will read your App story.


Applepies Newsflash [July 14, 2017]

Follow us on Instagram: applepies2017 as well as on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Applepies2017


Applepies Newsflash [February 22, 2017]

Investor meets Founders – Applepies will soon launch a platform on its website where investors can get in contact with App founders who are looking for some (last) additional funds to bring their fantastic App to a final stage. Off course this platform can also be used to bring Investor and Founder together from scratch. Coming soon on Applepies!!!


Applepies Newsflash [February 19, 2017]

Applepies has published exclusive interviews with the Founders behind the App’s. How did the Founders come to their idea, what were their drivers, what challenges and hurdles did they face during the development of the app in terms of time, investment, regulation and so on. How do they see the future of innovation and technological developments of the App on your smartphone and where they see more opportunities.

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